Bending over backwards…

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Are you guilty of this? We all are at some point. When you start setting your own goals and get a taste of what it’s like to achieve them, the twisting and turning will stop. Focus on what’s in front of you and you’ll never have the need to look backwards.

To have courage…

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Courage can be as simple as taking the first step, even when you can’t see the final destination. Pick one thing you know you should do to move your dream forward and do it today! If you’re really daring, leave a comment and tell us what you’re up to…

There are many people who…

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When you spend too much time helping others instead of teaching them to help themselves, you are doing you both a disservice. Take a look at the people you depend on you and start building in ways to help them become less reliant on your skills and become more independent. It’s a win-win for both  [Read More]

10 Years before Schedule: My Journey in Growing Big Fast

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Sometimes I feel like I’m a real deal fairytale princess, then other days I remember how dedicated I was and how much sweat went into my dream. I was always a dreamer, a seeker of a different world. I was one of those oddballs that was willing to see what else was out there –  [Read More]

My personal goals…

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Personal goals are just that… personal. Your personal goals can be anything you want them to be. Set goals that are unique to you and the path you’re on. You’ll have a much better success rate if you take the time to design your dreams into a package that fits you.

We fall forward to succeed.

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Failure is inevitable on the path to success. The trick is to learn to fall forward. This means learning from your mistakes, making course corrections and knowing when to ask for help. Have you ever fallen forward? What did you learn from it?