Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Behind every successful person is a team of people who love and support not only that person but each other. Think about your dream team. Who would be on it? Who would you cut? Surround yourself with happy, supportive people and lead your team to victory!

Show us what you do and win!

Photo Contest

Here’s how it works: Take a photo of yourself or your child doing what you love to do. It could be playing sports, posing on the job or just being funny. Submit your photo before February 5th by clicking here. Share your entry and tell your friends to vote! The photo with the most votes  [Read More]

Luck? I don’t know anything about luck…

lucille ball quote

Hard work is definitely a big factor in success, but I think this quote highlights something even more important. Opportunity. Being able to recognize good opportunities when they land can be difficult for anyone. If you set goals and know what you want, separating the great opportunities from the mediocre becomes easy.  

Success is achieved by…

success quote

Love this quote but it raises the question of what do we do with our weaknesses? Ignore them? Weaknesses can be developed or compensated for by putting the right team members in place around you. Your strengths are what you – and only you – do best. The more you focus on and develop your  [Read More]

Successful people know…

marine - successful people know

Are things going in the wrong direction? Successful people understand that they must take a few steps back and evaluate their progress. Learn to spot your mistakes and find ways to avoid them in the future. You’ve got to step back sometimes before you can move forward.  

What happens when Miss America’s Outstanding Teen is told she can’t…


Leah Sykes is on a mission. This 16 year old junior homeschooler from Jacksonville, Florida recently competed for the title of Miss America’s Outstanding Teen and calls her platform “Seeing Beyond Disabilities”. Her mission is working to give those with mental and physical disabilities the same opportunities as those without disabilities. One of Leah’s main goals is  [Read More]

Pioneer Woman

Pioneer Woman

My mother, Thelma Barklow, was a pioneer woman who was born in a sod dugout in the Oklahoma prairie in 1911. After her father was killed by a horse, she traveled with her mother and younger brother and sister to her grandfather’s in Texas and back by covered wagon. She was the first in her family  [Read More]

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The amount of good luck…

football - good luck

Whether you believe in luck or not, it’s true that you must take action to get results. What one thing can you act on today to move closer to your goals? You have the same amount of time today as everyone else. Go!