What happens when Miss America’s Outstanding Teen is told she can’t…


Leah Sykes is on a mission. This 16 year old junior homeschooler from Jacksonville, Florida recently competed for the title of Miss America’s Outstanding Teen and calls her platform “Seeing Beyond Disabilities”. Her mission is working to give those with mental and physical disabilities the same opportunities as those without disabilities. One of Leah’s main goals is  [Read More]

Pioneer Woman

Pioneer Woman

My mother, Thelma Barklow, was a pioneer woman who was born in a sod dugout in the Oklahoma prairie in 1911. After her father was killed by a horse, she traveled with her mother and younger brother and sister to her grandfather’s in Texas and back by covered wagon. She was the first in her family  [Read More]

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The amount of good luck…

football - good luck

Whether you believe in luck or not, it’s true that you must take action to get results. What one thing can you act on today to move closer to your goals? You have the same amount of time today as everyone else. Go!

What is success?

Margaret Thatcher Quote

If ever there was a perfect recipe for success, this is probably very close to being it. Take a look at your life today and see what ingredients you’ve got in the bowl.

If you think I’ve got it down…

Christine Lavin Quote

What she said. Sure, I can post these quotes and write inspiring words all day long. That doesn’t mean every day is rainbows and butterflies. The key is to keep getting up and keep trying. Struggle is inevitable.

Bending over backwards…

Sherry Argov Quote

Are you guilty of this? We all are at some point. When you start setting your own goals and get a taste of what it’s like to achieve them, the twisting and turning will stop. Focus on what’s in front of you and you’ll never have the need to look backwards.

To have courage…

Saint Teresa of Avila Quote

Courage can be as simple as taking the first step, even when you can’t see the final destination. Pick one thing you know you should do to move your dream forward and do it today! If you’re really daring, leave a comment and tell us what you’re up to…

There are many people who…

Jane Austen Quote

When you spend too much time helping others instead of teaching them to help themselves, you are doing you both a disservice. Take a look at the people you depend on you and start building in ways to help them become less reliant on your skills and become more independent. It’s a win-win for both  [Read More]

Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet…

Helen Keller Quote

Hard times are the stepping stones to success. Every successful person knows how to take their mistakes and failures and learn from them. The next time you are faced with a challenge, pause and ask what you can learn from the experience. The answer may surprise you.