Can you help save women’s soccer?

save wps

I just received this email from “Women Talk Sports” and realized this is an urgent matter.  What can we do to help? Please read and pass this along. Girls sports need all the support they can get! As many of you are aware, the Women’s Professional Soccer league (WPS) is under threat of not being sanctioned  [Read More]

New Girls Can’t WHAT? Gear Has Arrived!

Girls Can't WHAT? Santa

Woo-hoo! The new stuff is here! And I’m pretty excited about it! In actuality, I’m pretty exhausted after literally spending weeks putting all of these items together. I really feel for Santa’s elves this time of year. It gets very busy behind the scenes at Girls Can’t WHAT? trying to prepare for the holidays and there’s only on  [Read More]

Why I am thankful for Girls Can’t WHAT? fans

Computer Girl

Every year, we Americans take time out to stuff ourselves with turkey and reflect on what we are thankful for in our lives. For me, one of the first things that comes to mind (after the obvious friends and family) is all of the people who have supported and continue support this site. I am  [Read More]

We’ve just empowered 3 more women…


Thanks to everyone who purchased Girls Can’t WHAT? gear last month, we were able help 3 more women step closer to achieving financial independence and reach their goals. This month’s recipients are all business oriented women who are dedicated not only to improving their businesses, but also to provide education and a better life for their  [Read More]

The first girl from my small village school to get to college


In a school in a small village in Kenya boys used to come to my back and poke my butt with sticks and their knees. I was not the only girl in that class but I was taller than the other girls. Being tall, the boys thought I was ready to have a relationship with  [Read More]

Divorced at Age 10

It’s easy to think we’ve achieved equality here in the Western world. We can vote. We can drive. We can make our own choices. But in many places around the world, girls are still unable to make choices for themselves or do what they want to do. The following video tells the story of a  [Read More]