You Have To Start Somewhere

Construction Gifts for GirlsIt’s springtime, it’s warming up and so many ideas are running through my head about what to do next.  If you recall, I am still scouting out my next big dream after reaching one of my biggest life goals in January.

My challenge to you all this week is to start somewhere – anywhere – on your dream and go for it.  Don’t plan it out in finite detail or wait for the “next big break”.  Just go with your first inclination and R-U-N with it.

I do this quite frequently.  I take an idea and I just start chipping away at it.  I don’t worry about perfection or waiting for the “right” moment.  I just get it started.  Doesn’t matter if I can’t finish it right at that moment.  I can always stop and come back to it, but at least I’ve started on it.  I usually put no thought or planning into it other than t

Why Do Women Ride – A Man’s Perspective


Note: The following is a guest article from my friend, Steve Briscoe. If you like this, he sent me a few more I can post. ;)

Not long ago I was on the internet doing a Google Search, can’t remember what I was looking for but what I stumbled across gave me a moment of pause. It was an article from a 1937 edition of the Washington Post about Sally Robinson who was the first female to get a motorcycle riders permit in Washington, DC. The specific date for the article was September 11th 1937. I’ll not get into the specifics of the article to any great extent but suffice it to say it was an elongated battle for her to get her permit; not because of an inability to ride or handle the bike but because of her gender.

As mentioned this got me to thinking and I decided to do a little research of my own. As you read this please keep in mind the research was not a scientific study using hundreds of riders nor did it involve any mathematical equations or span months of interviews and study groups.I just asked some ladies I know who ride and some who don’t. I even asked the opinion of men who ride to get their perspective. What followed is what you see here; take it for what it’s worth.

Simple Test for Open-Mindedness

WARNING: I make NO apologies for the heavy-duty thinking you are about to encounter. ;)

Over the last 5 years since Girls Can’t WHAT? was created, this blog has conjured up a pretty interesting batch of controversial topics. Frequently, during the debates that break out in the comments, someone will point out that the opposing side is not being open-minded. This goes back and forth with both sides saying that the other isn’t being open-minded until we all want to beat each other up. Kind of ridiculous, isn’t it?

Girls Can't WHAT? Soapbox DesignWith the topic of “open-mindedness” on my brain, I started looking into what really makes a person “open-minded”. Is there some criteria we can use to determine just how open-minded someone is being? I Googled, I went to the library, I dug around and lo and behold, there is something by which we can determine open-mindedness. And here it is…It all hinges on asking yourself the following question:

Girls Can’t WHAT? Supports Russian Entrepreneur


Each month, Girls Can’t WHAT? gives 20% of its profits to support women-owned businesses through KIVA loans.

Thanks to all who purchased Girls Can’t WHAT? gear in February. We were able to help a Russian female entrepreneur get a loan through KIVA to enhance her agricultural business. Read her story below:

Shohida Sodikova lives in the Shahrinav district. She is 38 years old, married and has 3 children. Her husband is working in Russia. Shohida is involved in agriculture. She has been growing wheat for over 5 years. Previously, Shohida taught at a secondary school. She has a higher education. Shohida is requesting this loan for the purchase of seeds. She wants to use the money to buy quality seeds, plant them in the spring and get a good harvest.

Translated from Russian by Anna Sorokina-Hailey, Kiva Volunteer

If you’d like to help other women around the world support themselves, their families and improve their communities, join us on KIVA and change the world one loan at a time.