A Great Resource for Scholarships And Internships

The following is a guest post from Christina Alex who is filling in for me while I am in Nashville recording an album with my band. Please check out her site at ChristinaAlex.com/. Christina Alex is a writer, speaker and licensed master’s level social worker with a passion for inspiring teens to pursue their dreams.

Check out this great blog written by Callie Herd with tons of scholarships and summer internship opportunities in fields ranging from media/journalism to science and nursing. There’s something for everyone.

You’re Never Too Young To Create Your Own Job

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The following is a guest post from my friend Marci who is filling in for me while I am in Nashville recording an album with my band. Please check out her site at OvercomingBusy.com. It’s full of great information on keeping clutter out of your life and focusing on what really matters.

A couple years ago, when our daughter Dallas was 4 or 5, she started to get the concept that stores are full of cool stuff. Cool stuff that can go home with you and all you have to do is give the store some cash or a little plastic card. This started the “I want that” phase. Instead of telling her a flat out “no” when she would beg to have whatever caught her eye that day, we decided to make this a teachable moment. My husband and I would say “Great! Where’s your money?” At first, there was the confused look. Then, the mad look because she realized she had no money. “How am I supposed to get money!” she would cry. We would answer “Earn it.”

Nashville, Here We Come!

As you read this, I am in the final preparations for one of my biggest dreams. Tomorrow morning, my band and I will be headed to Nashville to record our first album. I say “one of” because it’s just one of several things I want to do in my life. I have a lot of dreams, don’t you?

Briana Dreams of Sharing Music

Briana Harley

Hey. I’m Briana. (friend of Jamie who is also on this site) I’m 17 and I’m a singer/songwriter. I play guitar, piano, bass, saxophone, and I’m learning drums as of Christmas. I have a passion for music and expression. If you somehow effect my life, you effect my music. I once wrote a song in a coffee shop while listening to another musician that inspired. I don’t even know his name or what he looks like because he had a hat on. That’s how little you have to know me to be apart of the music I share with people.