Making Tough Choices

Lately I’ve had to make some difficult choices. They boil down to choosing between the lesser of two evils which is never fun. It’s too soon to see the results of my decisions, but it brought back a reminder of a tough choice I made that turned out to be one of the best things  [Read More]

Natalia’s Indoor Hockey Shock

When we were at gym all the boys decided to play indoor-hockey while the girly girls (I mean the queen bees did dance.) Me and my friend decided to be with the guys cause we thought it would be fun. My crush’s friend came and said “kid, no girly girls allowed, you’ll probably break a  [Read More]

Kickstart Your Dream: Make A New Connection Every Day

If you’re looking for the fast-track to success, here’s a tip to make reaching your dreams quicker and smarter: Make a new connection every single day. This doesn’t have to be hard.  Even for introverts like me. Choose Your Method First, select your medium. If you don’t care for face-to-face interaction, fear not. Neither do  [Read More]

A Plea for More Girls Football Teams

I attend a high school in Arizona that really loves football. Me and a few friends are trying to start an all girls football at our school and they told us we can’t unless we have more girls in the state that would be willing to play against us. Please let this move you to  [Read More]

Cristal Rallies Friends To Play Soccer


All of my friends are all into cheerleading! Me..not really. I’m more into soccer. I am so good at it. Even my boyfriend says that I’m better than his friends. Anyways I’ve been trying everything and even me and some students from Jordan High have been doing complaints and rates…Guys say that girls aren’t privileged  [Read More]

A Simple Response to Negativity

Ever been in one of those awkward situations where someone makes a derogatory statement about someone or something that you are passionate about?  You know you want to speak up but you don’t quite know what to say, and remaining silent might mean you are in agreement.  I have a solution.

Mucho Thanks! November Sales Support Two More Women Entrepreneurs


A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who purchased Girls Can’t WHAT? gear during the month of November. Twenty percent of all Girls Can’t WHAT? sales go to support women around the world who are pursuing their dreams.  I’ve done the math and this month we are able to support two more women who are working  [Read More]


Congratulations go to Gretchen (not me – another Gretchen, I promise) on winning the Hunter Hooded Sweatshirt from the November giveaway.  Her prize will be printed and mailed asap and delivered in time for Christmas.  ;) If you didn’t win… don’t sweat it.  Remember, Lucky People don’t give up.  The Girls First Car Giveaway is  [Read More]