Kayla Faces a Man’s World Every Day


Every day that I get out of bed I face a man’s world. It first occurred to me when I became the first little guy wrestling coach when I was in high school. Now I’m the one of only a few female firefighters on my local fire department. To top it off I work in  [Read More]

You Call This “Women’s Studies”?

Women's Studies

Women's StudiesSo I’m at Barnes and Noble a couple weeks ago just browsing around trying to satisfy my ever-increasing reading addiction by wandering around looking for what I thought was the obvious. I finally had to break down and ask someone where to find books on women’s history. I was directed to the very back corner of the store to a single book case with about 6 shelves of books. However, only the top shelf contained books on women’s history. That’s right – ONLY ONE SHELF!

Women Walk on the Inside of the Street


Earlier one morning, my husband decided to walk me to the bus stop so I can go to apply for a job. While we were walking down the street, he turns to me and says women should walk on the inside of the street. I was astonished by this that I didn’t know what to  [Read More]

Win a Football Prize Pack from Girls Can’t WHAT?


contest-promo4It’s football season and since girls football is such a hot topic on this site as well as one of the best-selling Girls Can’t WHAT? designs, I’m going to kick-off a fun contest to win a Football Prize Pack!

What You’ll Win

A football prize pack consisting of a Girls Can’t WHAT? T-shirt, Canvas Tote Bag and Round Magnet with your choice of Girls Can’t WHAT? character printed on it. You can pick the same design for all three items or mix and match with any other Girls Can’t WHAT? character from the shop.

How to Enter

In the comment section below, fill out your name (nicknames are fine), a valid email address (will not be shared) and answer the following question:

What do you think is the biggest challenge girls face when playing football?

MJ Hit An Over-The-Fence Home Run

09StingersTourny 114

I play on a travel Fastpitch Team. I am only 12. All the boys denied that I could even hit a home run over the fence.

Who Says Girls Can’t Snowboard?

Girls Can't WHAT? Snowboard

Girls Cant WHAT? SnowboardSnowboarding has become a popular sport among women and likewise it has been a highly requested Girls Can’t WHAT? design. I took a little more time on this particular drawing because I wanted it show some high-flying action action and excitement and yet still capture the “Girls Can’t WHAT?” attitude on her face. Finding just the right model/image to work from proved difficult so I pieced her together from several ideas I had floating around in my head.

As usual, I turned to youtube to get a little inspiration from the 2006 Women’s Snowboarding team…complete with a soundtrack by the Donnas. ;)

Kristina Fought For Weeks to Play Football

Hi. I’m Kristina and my story is about my high school not letting me play football just because I’m a girl. I had to fight for 3 weeks just to get on the team and when I did get on the team, they didn’t even let me get the ball at all in a game.  [Read More]

Amanda Has a Passion for Bull Riding

Ever since I can remember I’ve had a passion for bullriding and I was telling a couple of friends of mine that it was my dream to bullride. I wanted to pursue my dream and they say to me “you’re crazy you can’t do that! If you were a man it might be possible, but your a woman so that can’t ever happen so get that out of your head.”

Sarah is the Starting Guard on Her Football Team

I came home in the spring and told my parents that I wanted to play football. They looked at me as if I was nuts.

The first day of school I called home and told my mom that I was staying after. The boys looked at me with a very strange expression. It was the first day of school, I had just had my hair hi-lighted and had painted my nails a great shade of teal.