Janet Followed Her Dream To Be An Umpire

Umpire Janet Thomas

Umpire Janet ThomasAs a girl who grew up loving baseball, I always hoped I’d have boys one day so I could help coach their team. I started out as a dugout mom, team mom and then knew I had to coach. Finally I was given the chance and I had the opportunity to help coach my son from t-ball (ages 5-6) through pony baseball (ages 13-34). Some seasons were tough with dads who didn’t like a “girl teaching their son to play baseball” until they figured out I was good at what I did!

When my son made the high school team and I was through coaching, I decided to follow through with one more dream… umpiring baseball. At the age of 34, I inquired at a local park where my husband was umpiring and although they were a little skeptical, they let me go through the training clinics to try. I made sure that I knew all of the rules (to the point where I think I could recite them in my sleep!) and after my training, I was ready to go.

Girls Can’t Compete in Archery

For about two years now I’ve been asked to create an archery design. Not that I’ve been procrastinating on it or anything, but there are just so many cool things to draw that I have to pick and choose. This week, however, I chose the archery design. I thought it was time. To gather some inspiration, I found some great youtube videos of women’s archery like this one:

Ski jumping is too dangerous for women

Ski Jumping

Ski JumpingDid you know that the only Olympic winter sport in which women are not allowed to compete is ski jumping?

Check out this video below that shows women from around the globe participating in this sport that is supposedly “too dangerous” and “seems not to be appropriate for ladies from a medical point of view” according to Gian-Franco Casper, President of the FIS.

This post isn’t just news but a call to action. If you believe women should be able to compete in ski jumping, visit Let Women Ski Jump in 2010 and sign the online petition. I did!

Should Runner Caster Semenya Undergo Gender Testing?

Caster Semenya

Caster SemenyaIn Berlin a few weeks ago, newcomer Caster Semenya dominated the 800 meter run, beating the nearest competitor by a whopping 2.45 seconds. Apparently women can’t possibly run that fast so Caster Semenya must be a man, right?

Unfortunately, that’s what people are saying about her. Yes, she was a tomboy growing up and preferred pants to skirts. No, she doesn’t look like a supermodel. And when she first started training for the big leagues, she was not world class material. But now that she has worked hard to prove herself in a field where she has trained her whole life to achieve this status, she is met with accusations and disbelief.

Girls can’t pull out their hair


Girls can’t pull out their hair. Or at least they don’t was what I firmly believed when I first started pulling. I destroyed my eyelashes, eyebrows, and hair, all the while convinced that I was doing something freakish and abnormal. I felt so incredibly isolated and alone. I didn’t know there was a name for  [Read More]

Mary was told girls don’t play drums

Hi, my name is Mary Wenskunas and I have been told I can’t when I absolutely CAN!!I have been playing drums since I was 7 years old and I have “grown” up in a multitude of praise bands. As a kid, I started off in the kid’s church praise band which in turn followed with  [Read More]

How quickly can you eat an elephant?


Girls Cant WHAT? ChefThis year I have made great strides in accomplishing some of my goals. In fact, some of the items I have accomplished have been on my mind for years, yet it only took me a few weeks to tackle them. Why is that? I learned how to eat an elephant quickly without getting indigestion.

You know how to eat an elephant, don’t you? One bite at a time, right? Sounds simple enough, but I found out there are a few guidelines that go along with eating an elephant.

Nobody Can Stop Jen From Playing Football

I grew up playing football with the boys in my neighborhood almost every day. I also grew up with a perfect, tennis playing, 4.0, older sister. In sixth grade I realized that my new school had a flag football team. Awesome, right? I loved football completely, and immediately joined the team. I had a blast  [Read More]

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