Help Me Use My Super Power

Ever since I wrote about Finding Your Super Power, I’ve been itching to use mine in a larger capacity.  As a refresher, my super power is… Challenging women to break stereotypes and achieve their dreams. So what can I do to help YOU break through stereotypes and achieve your dreams?  This is not a rhetorical  [Read More]

Becca Wants to be an Auto Mechanic

I am 17 years old and i’ve been in school all my life… I finally realized the classroom was not the place for me so I’m not in the process of getting my GED. I am very interested in auto mechanics but feel my family won’t support me in this field choice.. I live in  [Read More]

Find Out How David Beats Goliath

While on vacation last month, I read a fascinating article in The New Yorker about a coach who took a team of young girls with no basketball skills all the way to a championship. And nearly won. In fact, they would have won had they continued with their hard-core strategy, but a sour-puss referee made  [Read More]

Are You Waiting for The Right Play?

girl playing softball

My youngest daughter started softball last year. One evening on our way to the game she asked “Mom, if I hit a home run, will you buy me a Nintendo DS?”  Hmm.  That was a tough one.  My wallet didn’t want to commit to that as a reward, but at the same time I didn’t  [Read More]

Girls Can’t Play Violin

Girls Can’t WHAT? Violinist

The violinist design has been on my radar for quite some time as I’ve had multiple requests for it.  I love string instruments but the best I can do on a violin is to play a very scratchy D major scale.  :D So for those of you that play violin, who are your favorite female  [Read More]

What does society say you can’t do?

OK – so I usually steer clear of political and religious topics on here to avoid igniting flame wars, but this speech by Sarah Palin is extroardinary.  Not because it’s pro-life, not because she’s Sarah Palin, but because of what she says at about 2:40. “We went through some things a year ago that  [Read More]