Donating 20% of GCW Sales to Women’s Charities, Suggestions?

Since I’ve been restructuring my site, I’ve decided a “Grand Opening” is in order. I’m already working with a PR firm to get the word out and I’m brainstorming announcement ideas and cleaning up the shop this week in preparation. However, there is still one missing piece. When I first started Girls Can’t WHAT? I envisioned being able to take some of the profit and invest it back into the lives of other women. I’ve donated to random charities along the way, but not consistently. Now that GCW is up and running on it’s own and all my bills are paid, I think it’s time to put something a little more structured in place.

I’ve written before that one of my life’s goals is to give away one million dollars. I’ve already started that goal, but I have a LONG way to go. That’s a lot of cash! So beginning May 1 (that’s tomorrow), I’m going to start giving 10% of every sale to charity. My problem is I don’t know which one to pick. There are a lot of really good womens organizations out there. I may just select a handful and rotate them monthly or divide the monies up at the end of the year among them (since sales are seasonal this makes more sense). So I’m asking you all for suggestions. Post your favorites in the comments and I will do some investigating. ;)

Racing Superstar Leilani Munter Makes a Pit Stop at Girls Can’t WHAT?

Lailani Munter

Lailani MunterRecently, Girls Can’t WHAT? caught up with racing superstar Leilani Munter for a brief chat about her challenges as a woman in the male-dominated world of race car driving. Leilani, a 32 year old Minnesota native, has a history of record-setting. In 2006, she finished fourth at the Texas Motor Speedway, which is currently the highest place held by a woman. In 2007, she was the fourth woman in history to race in the Indy Pro Series. And she’s just getting started. ;)

Book Review: The Double-Daring Book for Girls


Same problem, new book. When the Double-Daring Book for Girls showed up on my doorstep about four weeks ago, I intended to do the review within a week or so. I made a note on my task list and set it on the corner of my desk with a couple of other books I also intended to review. Two hours later, in burst my kids from school and before I can say “don’t touch that,” my oldest daughter has the book in hand and is flipping through the pages. It was last seen with her head buried somewhere in the middle of it as she wandered out of my office mumbling “ooh – astronomy!” Later that evening, there was much begging and pleading from her to take it with us as we traveled to a school event. I relented, but made sure the book came back home to my desk.

A couple of days went by and the book went missing again. And so began the endless cycle of wanting to do the review but I can’t find the book. I finally wrestled it away from my girls this weekend and I’m determined to get this review in while I still have possession of it!

Shelbie Plays on an Undefeated “Boys” Team

Shelbie Football

Shelbie FootballI’m Shelbie #72, 15 years of age. Growing up I was always interested in sports. I was often doubted because of my size and the fact that I was a girl. I often played “street football” with toy guys.

Now I am in my 8th grade year, and I play on my school’s Boys football team. We went undefeated this season. I played Tight End as a starter, also kickoff.

I also play Tuba in my schools marching band. This shows girls can!