V is for Victory. So is IX.

V is for Victory. So is IX.

I love getting email. My inbox is always full of cool and interesting stuff… like this: V is for Victory. So is IX. from Womens Sports on Vimeo. Message: Dear GCW bloggers, Thanks for doing all that you do to inspire young women to be strong and confident!  I love the site, and I think  [Read More]

Goal Setting: When To Review

Girls Can't WHAT? Optometrist

In order to stay motivated to reach your goals, you must review them often. My summary list is a useful reminder of what I have committed to achieving, but it doesn’t do anything for me if I see the same thing over and over again. On the first day of each month (or as close to that date as possible) I update my goal sheet with the current statistics. Once I have that ready, I can immediately see where am with each of my challenges. The review time allows me to determine which areas may need more attention and which ones I can cut back on temporarily. As I make progress towards a goal and I can visually see that gap closing between where I am and where I want to be, it pushes me to work harder to make it to the finish line.

Sarah Palin: Courageous or Crazy?

Sarah Palin Photo

I’m going to make this one short and sweet. Surely by now, most people know who Sarah Palin is. If you don’t, browse through wikipedia or Google for a sec and come back. Sarah is making history and she could very well be the first female vice president in America. Being that she is the subject of much controversy (what female politician hasn’t been?), I thought she might be a good candidate for the Courageous or Crazy section.

Goal Setting: Integrating Your Calendar

This is post #5 in the Goal Setting Series. Next: When To Review (Coming Soon)

Girls Can't WHAT? Construction WorkerHere’s where it gets tricky. If you are like me and already have a full schedule with a job, kids and all sorts of other activities, the last thing you want to do is add more stuff to your calendar. However, if you really want to reach your goals, they have to be in your face on a daily basis. What do most people look at every day? Their calendar. ;) So in order to make our goals “in-your-face-can’t-help-but-make-them-happen”, we’re gonna need to integrate some sort of calendar.

What Kind Should I Get?

Meet Exterminator Tammy

Girls Can't WHAT? Pest Control DesignMeet Tammy from Fort Worth, TX, who took her her passion of creating an anti-bug world and turned it into a full-time career. Tammy jumped straight into the pest control industry right out of high school and currently, at age 34, owns her own exterminator company. Yup, she puts on a craw suit (coveralls) and gets under houses to kill creepy crawly things. And she loves it:

I am a girl who can. I’m not afraid of bugs. I just don’t like ‘em.

Goal Setting: It’s Not About Numbers

This is post #3 in the Goal Setting Series. Next: Creating Your Goal Sheet When we think of goal setting, we often picture spreadsheets, graphs and lots of number crunching. If you’ve heard about “SMART” goals, you know that “M” is for measurable. But not all goals can be measured to the letter. You can  [Read More]

Goal Setting: Timing Is Everything

Girls Can't WHAT? DrummerGoals don’t have to take all year to complete. I set yearly goals and break them down, but I sometimes have a goal that may only take 90 days to reach. You will have to be the judge of the time frame based on your current schedule and circumstances. My examples in the next section will be yearly goals so that the breakdown is easier to follow.

Girls Can’t Be Exterminators

Girls Can't WHAT? Exterminator Design

Girls Can't WHAT? ExterminatorSpiders are my friends. You may think that is weird, but I really don’t have any issues with bugs. Except maybe bees, but that’s only because one stung me in my eye when I was seven and now I don’t see so well on my left side.

I suppose the stereotype is that women don’t like insects and other creepy crawly things, but there are a lot of men who don’t like them either. Men tend to be more macho with their fear and just squish the poor defenseless bugs while women tend to react by running away from the situation.

When one of our girls complains about a spider on their wall, my husband and I just say “Don’t bother him and he won’t bother you.” On the occasion when our kids refuse to buy into the insect peace treaty, I have been known to scoop up the eight-legged offender and relocate it outside. Safer to be moved than squished I suppose.

Why do I like spiders so much?

Goal Setting: Start Small

Goals are incredibly important to achieving your dreams. If you don’t set any goals, how do you know where you are going and how can you gauge your progress? This is a three-part series with sub-sections. Feel free to skip to the parts that interest you (links will be available as each post is published).

    Part 2: Practice

  • Creating Your Goal Sheet
  • Using your Calendar
  • When to Review
    Part 3: Reality

  • Keeping it all “In Check”
  • When to Trash A Goal
  • When You Fail

As I write this, I have already surpassed most of my goals for 2008. While my computer was being repaired last week, I decided to make the most of the time by working on my 2009 goals. Normally I would do this a little closer to the start of the new year, but since I am so close to completing my 2008 goals I figure it would be good to reflect on what worked and what didn’t for last year and set some new benchmarks for this coming year.

A few folks have asked me about my little system, so I thought it would make a good topic for the site. I’m not going to give anyone a lesson in how to set “smart” goals or anything. I’m just going to explain what works for me and how I do it. It’s not rocket science, but it does involve a teensy bit of math and a calendar. If you can manage basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division AND you use a typical monthly scheduler or day planner, then you can succeed at achieving your goals. Are you ready?