Test Drive The New Theme

On the long drive to New York today, I worked on the new streamlined theme for Girls Can’t WHAT? Having some free time this evening and a good wifi connection at the hotel, I decided to go for it and load it to the site. I’ve run several browser tests and it seems to be doing quite well. It should load faster and be a bit easier to navigate with smaller images and faster load times. Let me know if you run into any snags. b-)

I’m on Vacation!

Ok so those of you who know me best already realize that a vacation or me really means that I am taking along my iPhone and my laptop and that I will take every opportunity I can to get a little more work done. Why? Because I love what I do!

I am already planning to use the long drive (8 hours on day 1) to revamp this site. I’ve had a lot of changes buzzing around in my head for a while now. Hopefully I will find enough time during my “vacation” to put it all together. ;)

Here is a short list of what I’m working on:

  • Theme – I still love this theme, but it’s cumbersome and the load time is atrocious. I am planning to streamline the images so they load quickly and revise the navigation a bit to make things easier to navigate. The header is also too large so it will be shortened and a few items will be shuffled around. I want the site to run as fast as possible.
  • Forums – With our user base at well over 1200, the forums are a good communication tool for everyone. I am planning to add private messaging, buddy lists and more features to help us get to know each other better.
  • Home Page/Navigation – The home page is going to be redesigned as more of a command center for the entire site. It will feature summaries of the latest articles, forum posts and comments so you can see at a glance what is new. The archives are also getting an overhaul.
  • Socializing – I will also be adding ways for you to connect with Girls Can’t WHAT via social media such as facebook, myspace and several others.
  • Hall of Fame – There is also a gallery in the works for you to strut your stuff. Frequently I get photos of people showing off their Girls Can’t WHAT? gear and I try to highlight those in the side bar. That will continue, but it will be linked to a full gallery of photos along with a description for each image.

I don’t expect to have all of these features show up at once, but be advised there will be a lot of really cool changes coming very rapidly beginning August 4th. Stay tuned. ;)

Summer Reading Ideas

My family is getting ready to head off for our annual summer vacation.  This means several hours of driving, which translates into good solid stretches of reading time for me!  I’m already planning to dive into Echoes from Auschwitz, but I’m looking for suggestions for what else to take with me.  Typically I prefer self-help,  [Read More]

Meet Holocaust Survivor Eva Kor

Eva Kor

Eva KorYesterday I met an absolutely amazing woman by the name of Eva Kor. Eva is a survivor. At the age of 10, Eva and her twin sister Miriam were sent to Auschwitz and subjected to medical experimentation by Dr. Josef Mengele. They remained in the Nazi death camp for about 9 months before being rescued from the sub-human and torturous conditions.

I was able to hear Eva speak yesterday in an interview format with a video presentation behind her on the big screen. The pictures were difficult to watch and her story was equally gruesome. I expected that, tho.

What I didn’t expect to find was…

Girls Can’t Swim

Girls Can't WHAT? Swimmer

It’s no secret that girls can swim, but that doesn’t mean they don’t take a lot of heat from the guys for doing so. This design is by request from a member of this site, however it has been on my list for quite some time since both of my girls are excellent swimmers. So grab your swimsuit, dive into the pool and show ‘em girls can be competitive swimmers, too! The Girls Can’t WHAT? Swimmer design can be found on gifts and apparel in the Girls Can’t WHAT? Gift Shop!

Swimmer Tote bag Swimmer T-Shirt Swimmer T-Shirt Swimmer Clock

ClassWish Gets an A+


I received a heads up about a new organization to help teachers get what they need for their classrooms. The program is called ClassWish and it will be launching soon. You can sign up to receive a notification when it launches in the coming weeks.

Jenny’s Heroes Make A Difference

Jenny's Heroes

Back in the day when I actually had time to watch TV, I used to watch the Jenny Jones show. I am a Jenny fan and I have been for quite some time. Jenny is also a fellow percussionist so that gives her instant cool points in my book anyway. b-)

Recently I was notified about a new venture called “Jenny’s Heroes.” I checked out the web site and found out that Jenny is giving away $1,000,000 this year to deserving individuals who want to better their community. There is an application process and Jenny is directly involved in the selection and follow-up processes. This is a great motivator, not because people are getting cold, hard cash to spend, but that they are being rewarded for their sacrifice and dedication to helping others in need. You can read each recipient’s story and follow the diary to see how they used the funds to make a difference. Major kudos to Jenny for such a brilliant program. :)

Jenny’s Heroes

Side note: This is especially intriguing to me because one of my goals with Girls Can’t WHAT? is to build up enough revenue to also give away one million dollars. I’m quite a ways off from reaching that goal, but that won’t stop me from trying. In fact, I am not waiting until I have amassed my fortune to do this. I regularly contribute to charities and good causes directly from my Girls Can’t WHAT? account and I frequently donate my designs and products to women’s organizations for fundraisers, etc. I track it in a spreadsheet and every once in a while I take a peek to see where I am with the total. Some day I will be able to say I gave away one million dollars – not because I want to pat myself on the back – but because I want to inspire others to do the same. I have everything I need already. Some people don’t. I can help. ;)