Girls in Government

Girls in Government

While doing some research recently, I came across a site called Girls in Government, which encourages girls to take leadership roles and participate in political movements. The site has a great look and feel to it and features both high-profile women as well as young girls who are bringing about positive changes in their communities  [Read More]

Meet Scientist Kathleen Hardy

I received an email from Michael Hardy who suggested I check out his wife Kathy’s adventures as a research scientist at sea. Kathy has been blogging about her work and posting photos whenever their Internet signal become available. Here is some info from her about page: Kathleen Hardy grew up in Waldoboro, graduated from Medomak  [Read More]

Women in Poker

Ask any woman who plays poker about her first time playing a live game. Ask her what she was feeling the very first time she stepped toward the poker room in a live casino. Ask her what was going through her head at the very sound of “Shuffle up and deal.” In all likelihood the  [Read More]

Would you vote for a woman?

Alec from Prose Before Hos sent me a link to this great article about disproportional representation in politics which discusses various groups, including women: Women of voting age represent 51.6 percent of the voting age population yet are 16.3% of the Congress, putting America below the global average of 17% female representation at parliamentary level.  [Read More]

About Me

Before I tell you a bit about myself, I want to congratulate Gretchen on a job well done! The site is a great outlet for women who are trying to compete in what used to be a “mans’ world.” I hope you all get all you can out of it and put into it what  [Read More]